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  • 04 Feb 2020
    Posted by Jacko

    I do not know who put this article in here but according to Google translete, this is what it says lol -
    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Until free itself; Financing smile but no arrows hate it! Nulla. Nutrition undergraduate antioxidants quiver. Financing propaganda in Canberra soccer sweaters, and targeted the airline. Class began Employment twist by our marriage, per himenaeos. Ultricies life, except that airline. Chat graduated soil eu by the developer or, targeted pregnant worth it. Nulla vulputate turpis dui, faucibus enim dignissim non, and the. How does not relax receives clinical and chocolate, chocolate sapien. In the valley, jasmine members of any airline. The price of the Playstation, the eros or sit.

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  • Fr33Kie
    Fr33Kie  7 months ago


  • Marbs
    Marbs  7 months ago

    Hi guys, hope you are all well. Been a long time out of gaming and it is showing, would be good to catch up with you all for a game or 2 sometime

  • jibbajabba
    jibbajabba  9 months ago

    hello m8 :)

    2 weeks to reply :(

  • JumpingJesus
    JumpingJesus  10 months ago

    Well would you look what the cat blew in.

  • Scuba
    Scuba  11 months ago

    hello m8, long time no see indeed :)

  • MuNkY
    MuNkY  11 months ago

    Hey Peeps, been along time. Hope you are all doing well, hope to speak soon.

  • serraphin
    serraphin  11 months ago

    hi guys just checking if scuba,s tinkering working

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